Swim Team General Information

Practice Guidelines:

  • Make 3 practices a week (more is encouraged) - practice schedule
  • Bring gear to practice: Towel, goggles, cap (make sure your child's name is on all items)
  • Wear caps to practice and meets
  • Attend practice on day of meet – stay after for notification of events

Requirements of Swim Team Parents

In the past years there has been somewhat of a casual approach to working the meets. It may surprise you that 50 parents are needed to run a swim meet. It is imperative that every family fully participates in each meet. If both parents are available, please consider both working at the meets.

Working at a Meet

Click here for meet assignments. You are scheduled to work half of the meet usually, although there are circumstances where people will have to work the whole meet. Please be flexible! You usually can watch some of your child’s events during your shift and then return to your post. You need to find another parent to substitute for you if you cannot work your assigned time/day. Please consider leaving young children at home during a meet. Meets are very crowded and busy.

Swimmers as Spectators

Swimmers are encouraged to remain in their bullpen area at all times. However, if a swimmer wants to leave briefly to watch a friend’s event, we ask that they notify the bullpen parent of their location and that they return immediately. Meets are run quickly and are very crowded. There is no time to search for a swimmer who is missing from their bullpen, and there is a possibility they could miss their event. Swimmers should never view an event from the start end of the pool. This area is only for swimmers who are on deck for their event. Swimmers who are viewing events are never allowed to put any part of their bodies in the pool during competition. This includes, but is not limited to, the diving area and the shallow-end steps. This also applies to children who are at the pool during swim team practice times but are not participating in the practice that is in session.

Team Rosters

Please make sure your child’s name appears on the roster correctly. This list will be given to our trophy supplier and it is important that names are spelled correctly as you want them to appear on the trophy. If your child’s name is not on the roster, please fill out the swim team feedback form and provide the correct information.

Attendance Policy at Meets

It is not essential that your children participate in all meets. However, it is important that the coaches know if a child will be absent from a meet. For this purpose, each swimmer is required to fill out a form each week stating their availability. Complete the Swim Meet Attendance Form each week no later than 9:00pm Monday evening. If this form is not completed, your child(ren) will not be entered in the swim meet that week.

Poor Weather

If it is raining, or threatening rain, and you have not received a call or e-mail that the meet is cancelled, go to the website or pool for confirmation. A message will be posted on the website and a sign will be posted on the pool gate. The meet will be run unless there is lightning or thunder and may just be delayed. The same applies for practices. Everyone will be e-mailed as soon as we know of any cancellations or changes.

General Communication

At Friday morning practices, ribbons will be passed out from the previous evening. Meet results can be found on the swim team section of the Tuxford website as well as any additional communications for swim team families. Please be sure to check at the ribbon table before leaving practice. The Tuxford website and e-mail will be the primary means of communication this year.

Parking for Home Meets

When parking for home meets, please leave your cars at home. We would like to keep the parking lot open for our visiting team as a courtesy. Parking will be allowed on one side of street only. “No Parking” signs will be posted.

Payment Policy

All swimmers 12 and under are required to pay swim team fees. You can pay online for swim team. If your child decides to quit the team prior to the Fun Meet, you may receive a refund. No refunds will be given after the Fun Meet. 13 and over swimmers may be exempt from fees if they do not attend practices but only participate in the meets. These swimmers will not be given a trophy and will not be eligible for individual awards.

Coaches Gifts

The coaches are given a monetary bonus by the Tuxford Swim Team at the end of the season. This bonus is included in your swim team registration fee and no additional gifts are needed.


To supplement our concession stand, we ask that each family contribute one (1) 12-pack of soda per swimmer with a maximum of two (2) per family. We also ask that each family assist our concession stand by providing baked goods for the home meets. The baked goods should be individually wrapped. The schedule is as follows:

  • A - M Thursday, May 31
  • N - Z Tuesday, June 26

Volunteer Check-In

Volunteers need to check in with the Tuxford team representative, Kelly Yonkee, by 5pm unless otherwise noted. You will be given instructions and/or supplies you will need to perform your assignment(s).

Meet Setup and Cleanup

Setup for the home meets will begin at 3:30 PM. Volunteers are needed to help get the pool deck organized for the meet by arranging the lounge chairs, tables, chairs and umbrellas into swim meet position. The pool deck also has to be cleaned up and reorganized at the end of each meet. The swim team committee is requesting the help of all our swim team families to accomplish the cleanup and reorganization in a timely manner so that task is not a burden on a few people.