Police And Citizens Together

Safety Reminders

Alpharetta is a great place to live, work and play. The Alpharetta Public Safety Department would like to warn our citizens about being lulled into a false sense of security. Follow the below Safety Reminders to stay vigilant and make you and your family safe.

  • Keep your garage doors closed and locked.
  • Keep parked vehicles locked and remove all items of value so that they cannot be seen from the exterior of the vehicle.
  • Any upcoming holidays will bring an increase in criminal activity, especially to the shopping centers throughout the metro Atlanta area. Again keep you vehicles locked and free of valuable items. There will be predators that will walk the lots looking for any opportunity to steal what you may have carelessly placed inside your vehicle.
  • Pay attention to exiting and entering your vehicles at these shopping areas. If you see someone who looks suspicious, do not park by that person and inform security and / or Police of his / her presence.
  • Don't carry so may bags out to your vehicle that you become an easy target to someone who may want to assault or rob you. Keep at least one hand free at all times.
  • Once you bring packages to your vehicle, leave the shopping center, or at minimum drive around to a parking lot on the other side of the plaza. Again, there will be predators who will be watching you place those just purchased gifts into your vehicle. Once you leave the car to resume shopping, those gifts will also leave the lot, by unauthorized persons.
  • Stay vigilant. Keep your eyes open at all times. Be cognizant of persons acting suspicious and paying too much attention to what you are doing or where you are going.
  • If you think someone has followed you from a shopping center parking lot or store, DO NOT DRIVE HOME. Call 911 immediately from your cell phone and drive to the closest Police station for assistance.
  • Bump and Rob scams. If you are involved in a minor car accident where there is a strong likelihood of little to no damage, DO NOT EXIT YOUR VEHICLE to converse with the other driver. This may be an attempt to get you to open your car door so that they can rob or assault you. Call 911 immediately but STAY INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE.
  • Report ALL suspicious persons, vehicles and activity to the Alpharetta Police Department at (678) 297-6300 or 911 if appropriate.

By keeping these and other suggestions in mind, you reduce your chances of becoming a victim.