Official Pool Rules

  1. Pool is for the exclusive use by Tuxford Homeowner Association Full Mandatory Members in good standing.

  2. The pool manager or lifeguard on duty may, at his/her discretion close the pool during periods of inclement weather, and at any time when he/she considers that safety and health are endangered. On occasion, they may be temporarily restricted from general use to permit special events and water programs as authorized by the Pool Committee.

  3. Disciplined pools are happy pools! Lifeguards have the authority to maintain discipline over all pool users. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children/guests at the pool. The following guidelines will be used for enforcing pool rules. Please read to young children and have the older children initial. This ensures that everyone understands the system of disciplinary action to be taken if the rules are broken. 

    VIOLENT: Violent discipline problems include, but are not limited to, fighting, present under the influence of drugs or alcohol, tripping, vulgarism, stripping, and theft. Parents will be notified after each offense.
    1st offense – 1 day off premises.
    2nd offense - 3 days off premises.
    3rd offense – referred to the Board of Directors for extended suspension from the pool.

    NON-VIOLENT: Non-violent discipline problems include, but are not limited to, public display of affection offensive to other swimmers, running, rough-housing, general pool violations, boisterous conduct, etc. Parents will be notified after the second offense. 

    REFUSAL of offender, in either category, to comply with the punishment constitutes the next offense. After the third non-violent offense, the parents and child will come before the Pool Committee for one final warning. A record will be kept by the lifeguard listing the offense, the date committed, and the guard’s initials. The offense will be null and void if the individual does not commit another offense for four weeks.


  5. Admission to the pool may be denied to any person having: a skin infection, sore or inflamed eyes, a cold, nasal or ear discharge, communicable disease, excessive sunburn, open sores, or wearing bandages of any kind.

  6. Admission will be denied to any intoxicated person. Any person intoxicated will be asked to leave the pool area.

  7. Swimming lessons will be conducted in certain areas, but the entire pool will NOT be reserved for this purpose.

  8. Pets are not allowed in the pool area, they should not be left outside loose or tied to a fence or other object.

  9. Children 5 years of age or older may not use the wading pool. Children permitted to use the wading pool MUST be supervised by a responsible person 14 years or older AT ALL TIMES. The lifeguard is NOT responsible for the wading pool.

  10. Absolutely, no disposable diapers are permitted on infants using the pools. Please use appropriate swim diapers.

  11. Glass bottles, objects or containers must not be carried or otherwise used in pool enclosure.

  12. Every hour there will be a 15-minute break for those under 18 years of age. Adults may swim during this period. Children are not allowed near the pool during the break.

  13. Food, drink, and chewing gum are allowed in the pool enclosure. Members are responsible for keeping the deck free of litter.

  14. Adults (18 and over) will have priority concerning use of the lounges and chairs.


  16. The pool manager or lifeguard will exercise discretion in allowing or disallowing items such as diving mask, beach balls, flotation devices, etc. Water wings will be allowed at all times.

  17. No running, pushing, wrestling, ball throwing, or similar activities are allowed.

  18. Absolutely NO DIVING in the pool except in the diving area.

  19. Any person who crawls under or climbs over the pool enclosure fence will be dealt with as a trespasser and will be prosecuted.

  20. Suggestion, constructive criticism, etc. concerning the pool operation should be directed to the Pool Manager or member of the Pool Committee in writing.

  21. Proper swimming attire is required. Absolutely no cut-offs.

  22. GUEST POLICY: Guests must be accompanied to the pool by a Full Mandatory Member. Resident non-members of Tuxford Homeowners Association are not eligible to be guests AT ANY TIME.

  23. Radios are allowed in the pool area. Should the sound level become annoying to other members, the user will be asked to turn the unit down or shut it off.

  24. No ROLLERBLADES, ROLLERSKATES OR SCOOTERS allowed inside the pool area.

  25. The pool may be rented for private parties at the discretion of the pool committee. Renter must be a Full Mandatory Member. A usage agreement must be signed. A $75.00 deposit will be required. The cost of the lifeguards will be incurred by the renter.