P.A.C.T. (Police And Citizens Together)

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Tuxford P.A.C.T. Contact

Officer Hal Shoffeitt
(678) 297-6347

What is P.A.C.T?

Police And citizens Together (P.A.C.T.) is a community based action program designed not only by the City of Alpharetta Police, but also with the community to compliment the "Neighborhood Watch" program. P.A.C.T. encourages the participation of residents in maintaining the quality of life within Tuxford.

Criminal activity is not unique to any certain location, identifiable group or age range. The Alpharetta Police Department (APD) is dedicated to investigating every complaint of criminal activity and our most valuable resource in the prevention of crime is you. Historically, the APD has learned that combating crime cannot be completed through aggressive, proactive law enforcement tactics alone. To become completely successful, the APD needs the active, continued support and resources of our community - this is the sole purpose of implementing the P.A.C.T. program in Tuxford. By taking a proactive stance on crime prevention, and through continued education, the residents of Tuxford will not allow themselves to be victims of crime.

Who is Tuxford's P.A.C.T Contact?

Officer Hal Shoffeitt is assigned to Tuxford as a single point of contact. You can contact John for non-emergency issues including any City of Alpharetta Code violations by filling out the P.A.C.T. Request Form. The form is automatically emailed directly to John and he will follow-up with you.

For What Type of Issues Should I Submit a P.A.C.T Request?

Non-emergency issues such as:

  • Stolen items taken from home, property or vehicle
  • Suspicious vehicles
  • Street parking issues
  • Neighbor's grossly unkept yard or property
  • Air gun or scooter issues
  • Any City of Alpharetta Code violations

Note: for any emergency - call 911 (crime is in progress - suspect is still on the scene)