Police And Citizens Together

Safety Tips

The simple reality is that no house is totally burglar proof. But everyone can take steps to make their homes more secure. Follow these tips and eliminate the opportunities for burglars to burglarize your home.

Preventing home invasions when you are home

  • Do not confront intruders
  • Do not open doors until you are satisfied that it is safe to do so
  • Do not assume you know who's at the door
  • Answer "I'll get it" even if you live alone or are the only one at home
  • Always let people know you are home. Answer through a window
  • Teach children to never answer or open a door without an adult at the door with them

In and around your home

  • Do not use door chains. Use strong devices ie: wedge-stops which are more secure
  • Women living alone should leave men's boots or other indications that a couple of people reside there
  • Seniors should leave toys and other indications that a family resides there
  • Reinforce door frames and all doors
  • Put more than one deadbolt on doors
  • For windows consider safety film or bars
  • Entrance doorways should have a wide angle (180 degree) peephole
  • Don't trust screen doors, they don't keep intruders out
  • Use a security alarm, personal panic alarm and intercom systems
  • Secure sliding doors and windows using pins
  • Do not use key-in-the-knob locks, especially on exterior doors
  • Place long pieces of wood right across back or basement doors
  • Have a "safe room" in the house where you can go and lock the doors. Have a phone in this room and keep phone numbers nearby so you can phone trusted neighbors after you call 911

Outside your home

  • Keep house numbers easy to see, in the event of an emergency
  • Program interior lights and leave more then one light on at night
  • Leave front and back outside lights on every night of the year
  • Trim shrubbery and other landscaping to eliminate any hiding places
  • Keep all tools and ladders securely locked and out of sight
  • Do not leave your garage door open all night
  • Lock your vehicle