Your Tuxford Board of Directors consists of volunteers from the community. Each board member serves a two year term. To provide a mix of experienced and novice board members, three of the board members’ terms expire in even years and four expire in odd years. There are no term limits so you may see board members serve more than one two-year term. 

We utilize the services of Community Management Associates (CMA) to handle much of the day-to-day and year-to-year tasks such as obtaining estimates, filing taxes, writing checks, preparing financial statements, covenants violations management and much more. Robin Thurmond has been our manager since March 2010, with a short hiatus in 2015. 

The board meets monthly along with our property manager. Each board member is assigned as a liaison to one or more committees. The community elects the board members and the board members elect the officers for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The other three are members-at-large. 

If you have any interest in serving on the board, or questions for any particular area of our community, please contact any of the current board members listed on Tuxford.com or in your new printed directory.

Your Tuxford HOA Board

Questions can be directed to our current Board of Directors.  
Each member's contact information is listed under Board Contacts.

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