Our Clubhouse... A Great Place for Gatherings

Keep our wonderful facility in mind, it might be perfect for the next event you need to plan, and it's so much easier than getting your own house ready! In addition, the reservations are at no cost to the homeowners of our beautiful community.
The Association continues to receive many comments on the convenience of the reservation process, how nice the clubhouse is and how much family enjoyment takes place at our Clubhouse... all in comparison to how expensive or challenging other neighborhood's facilities are to use.  

Here are some common uses:

  • Birthday parties
  • Club/troop/organization meetings
  • Holiday parties
  • Sales meetings

Clubhouse Reservation Procedure

The clubhouse reservation system is online and shows real-time status. An automated workflow simplifies the request and approval process, eliminating the possibility of having rentals that overlap.

Please review the following reservation information before making a request:

  • The clubhouse reservations are available to Tuxford homeowners for their personal usage only.
  • Residents are held liable for any and all damages and the associated costs for repairs or replacements.
  • The clubhouse is equipped with a comfortable seating area, island with bar stools, full size refrigerator, microwave, and sink, as well as its own bathroom.
  • The clubhouse max capacity is 45 guests.  The deck max capacity is 25 guests.
  • All reservation requests are advised to be made via the form below not more than 90 days in advance of the requested rental date.
  • 2 hour gap required between multiple same day rentals
  • Reservations may be declined if the Clubhouse is tentatively reserved for the Association or the Board of Directors hosted activities or meetings.
  • Tennis teams may reserve the Clubhouse on match day if available. Resident reservations always receive priority.
NOTE: For the health & well-being of our Tuxford families and guests, the clubhouse reservations are presently unavailable.

Important Clubhouse

REQUIRED READING before reservation is made:

Reservation Guidelines & Information

Reservations may be cancelled at any time. 

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Reservation Instructions:
  • To create a new reservation request, please click on the New Reservation button.
  • When the form is open, please complete the details.
  • To Change or Cancel a reservation, please select the reservation from either the "My Reservations List" or by clicking on the appointment subject line in the calendar
  • You cannot make or edit a reservation in the past. You can only edit your own reservations.