Website Administration Guide

Please Note: This article is only relevant for those member who have been granted administrative permissions to the website. Below is a guide on how to perform common tasks as a web administrator along with some helpful tips, best practices, & examples.

As a prerequisite, please watch this helpful video
on navigating the administrative side of your website


Here's a helpful video on editing pages. 

There is only one hard & fast rule on editing pages:

Web pages are in HTML and thus images must have "home" somewhere on the web. Images must be inserted, not pasted. Please use the image manager icon in the toolbar when placing images. For more details on this, please reference this article. 

The easiest way to edit page is by first going to the page you would like to edit,
then select "Edit This Page" from the Welcome Drop Down Menu. 

Alternatively, you can view all pages from Welcome > Site Admin > Content Mgmt > Manage Pages.
Find you page in the list, then click the edit pencil for the corresponding row to open the editor. 

Once you have the editor open, note the tabs across the top
  • Page Properties - This includes page, name, view permissions, etc. Please do not alter settings on this for existing pages. 
  • Page Content - This is where you would edit the basic content on a page and where you will spend 99% of your time when editing a page. This is an HTML editor. 
  • Assign Page Modules - This is for assigning modules from the back-end of the website to populate information on the page. If there is something already applied, please leave it. If you have questions about specific page modules please contact the website administrator. These require a little more advanced training.  
  • Options - This should be turned off for your website. You can ignore this area. 
  • Version History - This should be turned off for your website. You can ignore this area. 

For a helpful video on Document Administration, Please click here

Or, follow the steps below
  1. From the Welcome Drop Down Menu, select Document Admin.
  2. If the document you would like to add belong in one of the existing document libraries, click the edit pencil for that document library and skip to step 4. 
  3. To create a NEW document library, click the +Add New Document Library button
    1.  Enter a Name and Description for the new document library
    2. Select view permissions
      1.  If you would like the content visible by the general public, choose Category: General Content and Viewable By: Public/Everyone (Anonymous).
      2. If you would like the content visible only by members of your community, choose Category: Member Related and Viewable By: Registered Users Only (Requires Login).
      3. If you would like the content visible only by the Board of Directors, choose Category: Board Related and Viewable By: Category Members Only (User must belong to this group).
    3. Do not enter and Display Start or End Date unless you want the documents to only be accessible for a specified period of time. Simply leave these fields blank.
    4. Library URL is optional. You may leave this field blank. 
  4. Click the +Add/View Documents button to access the contents of the document library.
  5. You can add subfolders using the Add new Section button. Right click the new folder to rename it or add a subfolder to that sub folder. 
  6. Upload Documents using the Add Multiple Documents Button. Even if you are adding in a single document, this is still the quickest method. The Add Single Document button allows for modification of the file name while uploading and thus takes longer. A file Select Tool will open below.
    1. Select the documents you wish to upload from your computer. Wait for the little light to turn green for each one to finish uploading then click the Save Files to Library Button.
  7. You can Drag and Drop documents using the griping dots on the far left of each row. 

Document Admin

Click Image for a Larger View
Document Library Configuration

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Documents Library Contents

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For a helpful video on Event Administration, Please click here

Or, follow the steps below
  1. From the Welcome Drop Down Menu, Select Site Admin.
  2. Click on Modules on the top row of tabs, then Events on the second row of tabs. You will land on an Events Mgmt sub-tab.
  3. If you are adding a single occurrence event, Click the +Add New Event button. 
    1. Choose a calendar.
    2. Enter the Event Subject
    3. Select the location or the location information can simply be entered into the Description field. 
    4. Select, or type the Start & End Date & Time. Please insure that the End date and TIME come after the start date and time. 
    5. Enter a description. The remaining fields are optional and for advanced use. There is no need for these fields for a majority of event. Please disregard. 
    6. Save Settings. The event will now appear on the calendar page and the events list on the Member Homepage. 
  4. If you are entering an event that occurs on a regular schedule, go to the Add recurring Events tab.
    1. Double Click anywhere on the calendar. fill out the fields as you would a regular calendar. See steps 3.1 - 3.6
    2. Check the box for "Recurrence" and configure the schedule for which the event will recurr. 
    3. Save. 
Adding a Single Event

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Adding Recurring Events

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Navigation to view or delete individual entries on existing eForms:
Welcome Drop Down Menu > Site Admin > Modules > Forms Mgmt > Entries List

Navigation to Edit/Create/Remove eForms & Bulk Export:
Welcome Drop Down Menu > Site Admin > Modules > Forms Mgmt > Forms List

Create or Edit an eForm:
Here is a helpful article on creating eForms & placing them on the menu bar

To export all entries of a given form, simply click the excel icon for the corresponding row from the Forms List page. This will download a .CSV file to your computer. 


To navigate to the area where announcements are managed:
Welcome Drop Down Menu > Site Admin > Modules > Announcement

Click here for a helpful video on creating announcements
You can click on the edit pencil next to a current announcement to edit it exactly the same way you would create it. 

**Note that announcements appear in the order they are entered and there is currently no way to re-order announcements.

**Additionally there is a 2,000 character limit on announcements on the HTML side. Please keep your announcements brief and easily digestible in a short glance. For more detailed information, please create a page first, then link the announcement to the page. The goal is to pique interest and give readers the opportunity to review more information, not to overwhelm.